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A leading Safety Security Products and Services Provider



SAFETYLAB LIMITED is a total safety and security service provider focusing on premium solutions to pertinent challenges in the spheres  of residential, commercial and industrial safety and security.
With our team of dedicated workers, you are sure of a lasting solution.


Personal Protective Equipment; Helmets, Boots, Overalls, Coveralls, Goggles, Harnesses & Lanyards, Reflective Vests, Gloves, Respirators, Firefighting Suits, Uniforms etc.

Safety Equipment: Various kinds of Signage, Traffic Cones, First Aid Kit Boxes, Oil Spillage Kit Bins, Barriers, Delineators, EXIT Lightings etc.

Security Equipment: Torchlights, Baton Sticks, Boom Gate Barriers etc.

Fire Safety Equipment: Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishers, Dry Chemical Powder Fire Extinguishers, Electric Sirens, Mechanical Sirens, Fire Blankets etc.

Security Systems: Access Control Systems, Burglar Alarm Systems, CCTV Camera Systems, Electric Fencing, Fire Alarm Systems etc.


Repair and  New Installation of all the named systems above, Fire Extinguisher Maintenance, Fire Certification and Evacuation Consultancy Services etc. 

Our core principles include: quality, efficiency and service. We are proud to say that our guiding values remain the same to this day. We provide the same attention to every customer, no matter the size of the contract. Reach out anytime to start the conversation and build a lasting relationship.


My brother very much likes the safety boot I got for him from your company. It is very good. We shall make some orders for our employees. Many thanks.



Lame Dwaahe Street - Accra

+233 503 336 060 / +233 550 044 800

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