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SAFETYLAB LIMITED does not operate showrooms.

Products are delivered straight from our warehouses to clients upon order. This is standard procedure for both sample deliveries and orders. Our delivery procedure is aimed at rendering maximum customer service to clients at the comfort of their homes, offices etc. irrespective of the nature of  request. These deliveries are free of charge within the Accra region.

This operational policy gives SafetyLab Limited the edge over all others.

Services: Members of our Technical Team are dispatched to clients sites to assess the state of an existing equipment or safety & security systems that need maintenance. An assessment report is then generated per the outcome of the inspection. Members of the Dispatch Team then undertake the pickup of such equipment for maintenance by the Maintenance Team where possible after the appropriate quotation is generated and approved by client.

Where the job involves an existing system, work will begin on site as soon as the quotation generated per the assessment report is approved by the client. Same procedure is used for new equipment or systems installations with very minimal changes depending on the job.

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